Marketing program

Marketing program is the so-called network bonus. It consists in the fact that each registered user is positioned at a customer network and depending on how long it is registered, he gets a bonus in his online account. This bonus can be used when purchasing goods from

                                Here's an example of how you receive the bonuses

The marketing program is based on MLM (Multi Level Marketing). Each registered after you take a position down the grid, and it can grow indefinitely. The only thing required is a free registration, which takes 2 minutes and patience for the network to grow. Of course you can expedite the process by sharing the store and our page in Facebook. Already existing network remains permanently, which means that you do not need invitations or links from people to shop.

When a client on your network buy goods from you get a percentage of the price. The percentage is calculated at the end of each calendar month.

We, the team of created this program for you, for each of our customers as gratitude for using Everything is done in order to be as easy to use and save you money.


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