General Terms is owned Futureway LTD.

Futureway Ltd., is a company registered according to the requirements of the Bulgarian laws with headquarters in the city. Veliko Tarnovo, ul. "Dimitar Blagoev" 3 A, UIC 203308165 and is registered administrator of personal data under number 416754.

I. Definitions

Client - a person who accesses in any way including the establishment of a profile.

Password - A unique combination of letters and numbers, the customer must keep as confidential information and that can only be used by him to access and use the Web site

Profile - element consisting of e-mail and password, which only allow one client to reach the limited areas of of the Web site.

Invitation for registration - unique link that the user gets with completion of registration in The invitation serves to connect consumers to the Website and building a network of users.

Personal online office - software services, maintained and updated by, which is part of the intellectual property rights of "Futureway" LTD. Supplied by for use by customers. Access is via the Website and using the Internet browser.

Network bonus - Each client having built its network of users receives a bonus of 5% of the profit of the purchased products in this branch (foot) from the network, which has less value. He is calculated in his online account at the end of each calendar month.

Online account - each customer that has completed his registration in gets his online account. The user can track the status of your online account in your personal online office. You may use the amount accumulated in your personal account for online purchases of goods from

II. General terms is established under the conditions and our policy statement set out below. All these conditions are in accordance with the Law on Consumer Protection, Law on Protection of Personal Data Law on Electronic Commerce and the Bulgarian legislation. The site owner reserves the right to modify at its sole discretion at any time without prior notice these conditions.

Obligations of the Customer:
Customer declares that all information (name, home address, etc.) provided to upon registration at the time of submission and afterwards is true, accurate and complete. If it is determined that the information is incorrect, the Client accepts flashover can immediately delete his profile. The client agrees to inform due to any changes in their personal information (home address, mailing address, email address, bank details, telephone number, etc.). does not accept liability for any loss, liability or damage suffered by the Client and arising from the fact that he has not informed accordance with this clause.

Registered users (customers):
- Must be 18 years.
- Is forbidden to have more than one account.
- Are required to regularly check the site for updates.

III. Personal data
The information that store for their clients must be accurate and updated. Users are obliged to provide correct personal data, as well as regular and timely to update your account.

The website is committed to protecting the personal data of its users. collect this information solely for the purpose of processing orders and payment of bonuses according to the marketing plan. shall not grant any data or details of customers of any other company or third party except courier company, which is necessary to perform accurate delivery of orders.

Orders can made only registered users when creating the account indicated: name, surname, email address, billing address, shipping address and phone number.
Details relating to any deals in, and accumulated bonuses will be collected and stored.

IV. Returns and exchanges

According to the Law on Consumer Protection, the customer is entitled to claim and the opportunity to return the product within 14 calendar days of receipt, provided that keep the presentation of the product, ie not damaged, are not cut internal and / or external labels, preserved the original packaging. Only if this condition is met, the consumer should contact the site by phone or email contact to advise that it wishes to return or replace the goods. The product can be exchanged for the same or any other item from the catalog of The goods may be replaced with a product of equal or greater value. In case the price of the selected item for replacement is higher than paid, the consumer should pay the difference. Transport costs for returning the product are borne by the customer.

Goods is returned by courier to the office of Speedy JSC. Veliko Tarnovo, "Kozloduy" № 4 Str.

V. Trade Warranty

Suppliers who advertise their goods responsible for the quality and the lack of correspondence between the items offered on the site and delivered to the consumer goods.

The user has the right to bring a claim of every purchase by requesting perform warranty repairs. If the defect can not be removed, the purchased goods are replaced with new or return the money to the buyer. The deadline for settlement of the claim is 14 days from the date of its filing.

VI. Automatic e-mails from

Each user has the right to state on the registration form his consent to receive in the future automatically generated emails from the site. Through them will inform customers about new products, sales, discounts and accumulated bonuses. If at any time the user no longer wish to receive these commercial messages, he can easily unsubscribe from them, follow the link to unsubscribe contained in any such email. shall notify each customer by sending an email to the made registration, forgotten password, sent order, successful purchase and accumulated bonuses.

VII. Cookies use cookies "Cookies" only to improve navigation on the site. Through the use of "cookies" does not collect personal data.

VІIІ. Copyright

In contain: information, images, photographs, trademarks, products, advertising and other materials that are the exclusive property of the site and the suppliers who advertise in This information is copyrighted.

IX. Marketing program

By registering on, you agree to participate in the marketing program of the online store. Each registered user after approval by is positioned in the network of clients and can take advantage of the benefits derived from it. Participation does not require any entrance fees. Network bonus is calculated based on profit from the sale of the product ie in the network is registered only a percentage of the profits of of the product rather than its full value. The bonus customers receive in their online account can be used only for purchases at It can not be paid through bank accounts, cash, in the form of vouchers, etc.

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